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Experienced in data analytics, ML, AI. Lead cross-functional teams. Drive data-driven strategies for complex business challenges. Expert in predictive modeling and statistical analysis. Passionate about

innovation and emerging technologies. strategic thinker with strong leadership skills, build high- performing teams.


- Master's Degree in Data Analytics (MSc)
( Dublin City University ).
- Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems
(Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman

University/Computer and

Information Science Faculty).



* Manage and motivate.

* Strategic thinking: Data-driven insights.

* Project management: Multitasking, .

* Communication: Technical and non-technical stakeholders.

* Collaboration: Cross-Functional Teams.


* Machine Learning and AI:

Computer Vision, NLP, Graph Theory, Tabular Data.

* Advanced Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic,

Predictive and Prescriptive analytics.

*Programming: Python, R, Git.

*Visualization: Power BI, Tableau.

*Data governance: Quality, security, privacy.

My Experiences

Senior Lead Engineer data science and analytic


* Develop and implement data-driven strategies.
* Managed a team of data analysts and scientists, providing guidance and mentorship to support their professional growth and development
* Designed and executed complex data solutions.
* Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and optimize key performance indicators (KPIs) that improved team member, business operations and increased efficiency.

Senior Data Science

confidential semi- government


* Spearheaded the conversion of AI/machine learning models into
practical applications.
* Developed, programmed, and fine-tuned AI models.
* Conducted rigorous development, training, testing, evaluation, and
deployment of AI models and projects.

* Demonstrated expertise in handling a wide range of NLP and
computer vision problems.
* Cleans and organizes data to make it ready for analysis.
* Communicates insights and findings through informative reports and presentations.
* Build predictive models to forecast business performance

Advanced Data Analyst

SAMI-Advance electric company

* Work with business stakeholders to define reporting and analytics requirements.
* Develop and maintain reporting and analytics dashboards using data visualization tools (Power BI).
* Ensure data accuracy, reliability and completeness.
* Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define KPIs and metrics.

Teaching Assistant (practical)

Princess Nora bint AbdulRahman University

Design and Build Relational Database using MySQL and Oracle database management systems.
Design and developing software applications using object-oriented programming principles. The role requires a strong understanding of the principles of object-oriented design, as well as proficiency in programming languages.
Design and develop decision support systems, algorithms, and statistical models to support decision-making.

Systems developer

Ministry of Human Resources & Social Dev

* Designing and implementing an Automated Advisory System 

Systems analysis and design.
* Database design to model the relationships between different entities.
* Visual representation of the flow of data through a system, as well as how it is processed and stored within the system.
* Develop and maintain system using technologies ERD, DFD, MySQL, HTML, CSS, C#, and ASP.NET

Worked with


computer vision

Develop and implement solutions for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Object Recognition, Image Search Engine, Vision Metadata Archive, Facial Keypoint Detection, Image Captioning, Image Segmentation, Landmark Detection & Tracking, (SLAM).

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Develop and implement solutions for Event Detection, Part-of-Speech Tagging, Entity Recognition, Topic Modeling, Influence Detection, Sentiment Classification and search engine.

Graph Theory and Knowledge Graph

Construct and build graph database schemas and analyze graphs to extract insights , patterns and knowledge.

Tabular Data

Develop and implement solutions for analyzing Tabular Data using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Housing Price Prediction & entity cyber threat scoring.

Data Governance

Developing data policies, standards and procedures to ensure data quality, security and integrity. This includes policies around data definitions, classifications, ownership, access control.

Business Intelligence

Build operational-level dashboards for the HADAF program, KPI dashboards for executives and managers, and work on Data Warehouse projects.

Certificates and courses



Certified Executive Manager (CEM)


EMPRETEC certified for entrepreneurial skills promotion by UNCTAD.


ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers by OpenAI


Certified Computer Vision Expert (CCVE) By IABAC


Computer Vision Nano Degree By Udacity


Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow By DeepLearning.AI


Master Stereo Vision (Killer Approaches to Pseudo-LiDARs & 3D Computer Vision) By ThinkAutonomous.ai P


DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Professional By DeepLearning.AI


Machine Learning Engineering for Production(MLOps)

Specialization By DeepLearning.AI



Python Programming

Specialization (Pillow, Tesseract and OpenCV) By University of Michigan



Structured Query Language
(SQL) by University of Michigan

The most important awards and honors

2022 | Alibaba SCCC cloud
H. Honor Award for leading the technological transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Honoring the inspirations of the homeland,
And she presented a workshop entitled "Saudi Women Achieving Leadership in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence"

May 2021 | Open source summit
Individual Sector Open Source Initiative Gold Award

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